Introduction to Storm Fiber

Storm Fiber is Pakistan’s top Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) broadband service provider with an excellent record for high-speed internet, television and telephone services. Storm Fiber is operated by Cybernet, one of Pakistan’s earliest and most recognized corporate Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and provides cutting-edge technology and reliable Internet connectivity solutions.

Its key features include:

High-Speed Internet:

Storm Fiber offers ultra-fast and trusted internet connections, serving the needs of both residential and commercial users.

HD Television:

They provide high-definition television services with various channels, ensuring an enjoyable viewing experience.

Crystal-Clear Telephony:

Storm Fiber provides crystal-clear telephone services by boosting communication for both households and enterprises.

What is the Storm Fiber Speed Test?

Storm Fiber, the broadband service provider, provides an online tool to assess the speed of your internet connection called the Storm Fiber Speed Test. It allows customers to verify their Storm Fiber internet connection’s download and upload speeds, delivering current information on how quickly data can be processed over the internet.

Users commonly initiate a speed test by visiting the website of the Storm Fiber Speed Test. The software then transfers a small amount of data between the user’s device and Storm Fiber’s servers, assessing the time it takes for the data to travel. Based on this data, it determines download and upload speeds which are often measured in megabits per second (Mbps).

How to Check Storm Speed Test?

Follow these steps to test your internet speed with Storm Fiber’s speed test tool:

  1. Visit the Storm Fiber Speed Test Website:

Login to the Storm Fiber Speed Test webpage. You can generally locate this by typing “Storm Fiber Speed Test” into your favorite search engine.

  1. Start the Test:

On the homepage of the website, there should be a button or an area that says “Begin Test” or “Start.” To begin the speed test, click that button.

  1. Wait for the test to finish:

Your internet connection will be measured by the speed test tool. The analysis of your download and upload speeds will take a few moments. For accurate findings, ensure no one else is heavily utilizing the internet in your home or business throughout this process.

  1. View Your Results:

When the test is finished, the website will reveal your download and upload speed in megabits per second (Mbps). These speeds indicate how quickly your internet connection can download and upload data.

  1. Interpret the Results:

Compare the acquired speeds to the internet package to which you have a Storm Fiber subscription. If the results are close to the claimed speeds for your plan, your connection is operating well. If the speeds are much lower, you should contact Storm Fiber’s customer service to resolve the issue.

Storm Fiber Customer Service

Tips for Improving Storm Fiber Connection Internet Speed:

  • Make sure your subscription package matches your speed requirements.
  • For a more solid connection, use Ethernet cables as wired connections are often faster than Wi-Fi.
  • Place your router in the center of the network, free of interference and secure it with a strong password.
  • Reboot your router regularly to remove the cache and enhance performance.
  • To improve stability and speed, keep your router’s software up to date.
  • Close unneeded applications that consume internet bandwidth.
  • For faster domain resolution, use a reputable DNS service such as Google DNS.
  • Clear the browser cache and confirm that your devices are malware-free.
  • If problems persist, contact Storm Fiber support for professional assistance.


In short, improving your Storm Fiber internet connection entails a mix of selecting the proper package, employing wired connections, Wi-Fi optimization, regular maintenance and obtaining professional assistance as required.